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There are lots to see in Bayswater and its close proximity, you can get pretty much everywhere from Bayswater Tube Station. Just walking around, you are likely to pass by marvels such as:  Whitley’s, a shopping center reopened in 1911 after it got almost entirely consumed by a fire, it was a symbol of luxury during those times, there was even a golf course and a theatre on the roof, imagine that. Other places of interest include the famous Hyde Park, the largest park in the middle of London, kind of what Central Park is to the New Yorkers.

The park was host to many renowned rock concerts through the years, like the Live 8 benefit concerts where Pink Floyd reunited after 30 years of being separated, Queen in 1976 to which almost 200 thousand people came but nothing can beat the Rolling Stones in 1969 when the attendance equaled almost half a million music lovers .An impressive gate called The Grand Entrance opens the way to the Hyde Park, it was erected in 1825 by a guy called Decius Burton, there is a small chance he might be related to Tim Burton.

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